Roles: Creative Lead, Creative Strategy

Naot: Unmistakibly Me

Faced with a brand perception shift, Naot launched their Winter Collection under the bold new identity 'Unmistakably Me.'

The campaign's centerpiece was a dynamic video showcasing the entire collection, set to a fast-paced music, and featuring the duplication of models, each time with a different pair of shoes.

This creative approach captured the essence of Naot's 'Unmistakably Me' identity, blending comfort and sophistication. Strategic influencer partnerships were utilized to amplify the campaign's reach, with micro-influencers chosen for their ability to embody the brand's essence.

The campaign's success was further bolstered by smart resource allocation, focusing investments on compelling creative direction and stunning visuals. This approach allowed Naot to achieve explosive results, boosting brand awareness and ROI while staying within budget, and establishing a contemporary, confident image.

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