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Jimmy Choo, Jimmy Choo & Jimmy Choo

Tasked with promoting the wide range of Jimmy Choo sunglasses offered by Erroca, the official distributor, our team faced the challenge of making a lasting impression in short 6-second TV slots. To achieve this, we devised a creative concept that would not only showcase the variety of eyewear but also leave a memorable impact on viewers.

We selected renowned model Neta Elhamister as our protagonist. We duplicated her image, creating multiple versions of Neta interacting with herself. Each Neta wore a different model of Jimmy Choo sunglasses, highlighting the diverse styles available.

In the background, the store name 'Erroca' was repeatedly mentioned, ensuring brand recognition and association with the luxurious Jimmy Choo brand. This clever integration of the store name reinforced the message that viewers could find these stylish sunglasses at Erroca.

Despite the brief duration of the TV slots, our creative approach captivated audiences and effectively communicated the range and elegance of Jimmy Choo eyewear. By leveraging Neta Elhamister's star power and employing visual storytelling, we successfully showcased the variety of sunglasses available at Erroca, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

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