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Bonjurno Summer! Club Med x Renuar

Imagine this: Club Med unveils its latest Summer paradise in Cefalù, Sicily, Italy, while Renuar launches a Summer collection inspired by the Middle Eastern summer. Our idea? Blend these two into a seamless narrative.

Thus, the 3-Episode campaign was born, each episode delving into a different facet of Cefalù, the resort, and the collection. We realized that both tourism and fashion share a common thread of escapism, and our insight centered on portraying the incredible experiences Sicily offers, coupled with the joy of dressing impeccably. Every detail was meticulously curated to include quintessential Italian elements - think 70s cars, scooter rentals, the sun-kissed beaches, pasta(!!), aromatic coffee, the warm-hearted locals, and the captivating atmosphere.

The missing piece happened on set when we stumbled upon a local band, who not only became part of Episode 3 (bottom of page) but also provided the soundtrack for the campaign. As the sun set on our shoot, we bid 'Bonjurno (Hello in Italian) Summer!' - a fitting finale to a campaign that captured the essence of a Mediterranean summer."

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