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Influencer Winter Collection

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Facing a crowded activewear market with fierce competition, Z Sport, a rising brand, partnered with BRIKMAN advertising to amplify their presence and engage new audiences. In a bold move, we tapped into the power of influencer collaboration, bringing aboard Einav Cohen, a fitness personality with a dedicated following, to not just model, but co-design their winter collection. The result? A viral campaign, a sold-out launch, and a reinvigorated brand identity.

Our Role

Influencer Marketing
Creative Development
Campaign Management
Video Production & Directing


The activewear market had exploded in recent years, with new brands vying for attention amidst established giants. While Z Sport boasted high-quality garments, standing out in this increasingly homogenous landscape became a steep climb. Traditional marketing tactics often fell flat, failing to engage audiences or differentiate the brand from its competitors.


Recognizing the power of trust and authenticity, we saw an opportunity in influencer partnerships. However, we aimed to transcend the typical coupon code scenario. Instead, we sought a deeper collaboration, one that leveraged Einav's passion and expertise to create a product truly reflective of the brand's values and resonate with her loyal fanbase.


Thus was born the Z Sport x Einav Cohen Winter Collection. We broke away from the script, handing Einav the reins to co-design the line. From choosing fabrics and color palettes to tailoring cuts and selecting trims, she poured her passion into every detail. This authentic collaboration not only created a unique and fashionable collection but also generated substantial pre-launch buzz through Einav's social media channels, offering her followers exclusive sneak peeks and fueling anticipation.

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