Tel Aviv - Jerusalem: Two Cities, One Break


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Facing misconceptions and diverse traveler motivations, Israel's Ministry of Tourism partnered with BRIKMAN for a groundbreaking spring-summer campaign. Targeting European cities with easy and affordable travel connections, the campaign aimed to shatter stereotypes and highlight Israel's unique duality: Tel Aviv's vibrant nightlife and Jerusalem's spiritual depth, accessible within a single, action-packed weekend break.

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Israel, a land steeped in history and cultural riches, grappled with an image disparity. While some perceived it as a war-torn nation, others remained unfamiliar with its diverse offerings. Additionally, its compact size posed a communication challenge: showcasing the vast contrasts between Tel Aviv's urban buzz and Jerusalem's spiritual serenity to a varied European audience.


Recognizing the need to transcend preconceived notions, we focused on Israel's unique advantage: its compact scale. By framing the campaign as "Tel Aviv - Jerusalem: Two Cities, One Break" we capitalized on the proximity of these contrasting metropolises, offering European travelers a chance to experience both facets of Israel within a single exhilarating weekend.


The campaign's centerpiece was our "Two Cities, One Break" tagline, visually embodied by Israeli supermodel Shir Elmaliach gracing billboards and transport hubs across major European cities, including London, Vienna, Milan, Stockholm, and New York. These visually striking placements challenged stereotypes, showcasing Tel Aviv's trendy cafes and Jerusalem's ancient alleyways with equal vibrancy.

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