Naot Winter Collection: Stepping Boldly into a "Unmistakably Me" Future


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Facing a shift in brand perception, Naot partnered with BRIKMAN to launch their Winter Collection under the bold new identity "Unmistakably Me." Through vibrant video content, strategic influencer partnerships, and smart resource allocation, the campaign achieved explosive results, boosting brand awareness and ROI while staying within budget.

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Branding & Strategy
Creative Development
Video Production & Photography
Influencer Marketing
Campaign Management


Naot, a globally recognized luxury footwear brand synonymous with comfort, found itself at a crossroads. Their loyal customer base cherished their classic styles, but younger generations perceived them as "old." Embracing a more sophisticated yet vibrant identity while retaining their core values became crucial. The Winter Collection launch presented a perfect opportunity to break the mold and establish a contemporary, confident image.


Through extensive research, we recognized a desire for Naot's signature comfort among younger consumers, but with a bolder, trend-conscious twist. This presented a strategic bridge between generations – showcasing timeless quality through a fresh, fashion-forward lens. Micro-influencers, captivating personalities with youthful appeal, emerged as the ideal bridge to connect with this emerging audience.


A pulsating video campaign, radiating the energy of Naot's "Unmistakably Me" identity, became the centerpiece of our strategy. Instead of traditional models, we partnered with micro-influencers who effortlessly embodied the brand's essence. These passionate storytellers showcased Naot's Winter Collection not just as footwear, but as essential accessories for a confidently lived life, seamlessly blending comfort and sophistication.

To maximize impact within Naot's budget, we employed strategic resource allocation. Investments focused on the campaign's core – a compelling creative direction and stunning visuals. Every shot, every movement breathed energy and intention, highlighting the collection's timeless elegance through a modern filter. This strategic approach allowed optimization in other areas, striking a perfect balance between budgetary discipline and creative excellence.

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