Hummus Republic: Building Fresh Habits for Growth


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Faced with fierce competition and a brand identity shrouded in ambiguity, Hummus Republic partnered with BRIKMAN for a bold rebrand. Through insightful research, strategic storytelling, and multi-channel execution, we helped Hummus Republic carve out a distinct identity, attract new customers, and witness explosive franchise growth.

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Hummus Republic's generic "Mediterranean Cuisine" tagline fell flat, failing to resonate with the diverse palate of modern food lovers. This lack of a clear brand voice hampered their marketing efforts and franchise recruitment, leaving them struggling to stand out in a crowded QSR landscape. The pressure intensified with crucial investor meetings looming on the horizon, demanding a rapid turnaround with no room for error.


BRIKMAN delved deep into customer motivations, unearthing a vibrant tapestry of desires. Fitness enthusiasts craved healthy bowls brimming with fresh ingredients, while calorie-conscious diners yearned for customizable options that fit their dietary needs. Plant-based eaters, too, deserved a seat at the table, longing for flavorful alternatives that didn't compromise on taste. Recognizing the potential within these diverse preferences, the "Fresh Habits" concept blossomed, capturing the essence of the restaurant's offerings: personalized meals, fresh ingredients, and something delicious for everyone.


Armed with these insights, BRIKMAN crafted a multi-pronged strategy. The bland "Mediterranean Cuisine" tagline was replaced with the dynamic "Fresh Habits," a message that resonated with the restaurant's focus on fresh, healthy ingredients and endless customization possibilities. A vibrant visual identity blossomed alongside the tagline, showcasing each persona's perfect "Fresh Habit" through persona-driven imagery. From protein-packed bowls for gym-goers to falafel-filled wraps for plant-based foodies, every customer felt seen and celebrated. This transformation extended beyond visuals, with a multi-channel campaign encompassing persona-driven social media posts, eye-catching posters, a dynamic video highlighting the culinary alchemy within Hummus Republic's kitchens, and a sleekly refreshed website and POS system mirroring the new brand identity.

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