Erroca is a retail chain that offers the finest luxury brands in eyewear, including Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Cartier, and more. With a focus on delivering premium products and an exceptional shopping experience, Erroca needed a campaign that would reflect their brand's high-end positioning.

That's why we chose top model and influencer Neta Alchimister to become the face of the Erroca campaign. With her stunning beauty and impeccable style, Neta was the perfect ambassador for the brand. Our team used her star power to create a comprehensive campaign that reached customers through in-store displays, digital and social media advertising, and television spots.

The results of the campaign were impressive, with a surge in brand awareness and sales. The campaign helped to solidify Erroca's status as a leading retailer of luxury eyewear and positioned the company as a true icon in the industry. By partnering with Neta and delivering a memorable, impactful campaign, Erroca has established itself as a top destination for those in search of the finest eyewear on the market.

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